Top professors who also teach at top schools
Live classes and great instruction are at the core of the Campus experience. The faculty's ability to deliver that experience in every class makes our two-year program. Professors in the Campus Scholars program are hired directly by Northwestern College.
Darien Johnson
Alyssa Lowery
Steven Kelts
Lee-Sean Huang
The Campus Scholars teaching team
  • 01

    Domain experts

    Brilliant, interesting, research, published, etc.

  • 02

    Teaching experts

    Our professors are full-time teaching faculty -- they’re not researchers, they’ve dedicated their careers to teaching first and second year college students. Innovative instructors, great reviews, fun classes, etc. etc.

  • 03

    Experienced online instructors

    Online classes are not the same as in-person classes. Our students know that, so do our professors. Online teaching experts...

  • 04


    Proven that they spend time outside of class with students, interested in increasing access to great education.

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